Molly Bushby - Kirklees Council

Molly Bushby - Local Welfare Provision Officer, Kirklees Council

I chose to do an apprenticeship in Customer Service Practitioner because I wanted to continue an education alongside working. Whilst attending college, I decided university was not the path I wanted to take after completing my A-Levels, but instead look for a job that provided opportunity for development, such as a traineeship or apprenticeship.

The most rewarding part for me has been seeing the development I have made throughout my apprenticeship transition into my work. It has helped me with my confidence levels and customer service skills.  I have developed lot of skills from the apprenticeship so far. It has helped with my organisational, customer, and procedure knowledge, which has helped me improve my overall ability to fulfil my work role. It has also aided in building up my confidence and self-reflection skills. 

During my apprenticeship I have already applied for and was successful in obtaining my Local Welfare Provision role. This was a team I worked with as part of my apprenticeship rotation on Council teams. I really enjoyed working on the team and when a temporary role was advertised, I applied. This opportunity allowed me to push my customer service skills and provided me with more challenging work. I plan to keep my eye out for more opportunities like this or even permanent roles in the Council. After completing my apprenticeship, I aim to apply for a higher-level apprenticeship to keep furthering my development and skill base.

Because of the apprenticeship I have had the opportunity to work alongside a hardworking and dedicated team in the Council. I have made great working relationships with colleagues and other apprentices. I have taken part in fun networking events and skill building workshops provided. Also, my confidence and skill base have improved greatly.

I would absolutely recommend an apprenticeship. It is a great choice and there are apprenticeships for all entry points from GCSE level to degree level equivalent courses. I think it is an amazing option for those who want to get a balance of education and working. It allows you to earn an income and a qualification at the same time.