Chloe Lucks - Kirklees Council

Whilst working as a Business Support - Revenues Officer for Kirklees Council, Chloe Lucks undertook an apprenticeship in Public Service Operational Delivery Officer Level 3 through Skills for Work, as she felt that it would help to improve her knowledge.  As part of her apprenticeship, Chloe studied level 2 maths, and passing this was one of the most rewarding parts, though she found the amount of study quite challenging and wouldn't recommend doing them both together.

"I didn't do very well in school but I feel my time to excel is now. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the tutors, who have each provided great support whenever I have needed it.  Without this support, I wouldn't have been able to get to the point I am at today with my apprenticeship".

Chloe is unsure what she wants to do next but thinks she'd like to continue studying in some form. Kirklees Council will also support her to find a permanent job with them.

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